Need Help with Your Social Media Presence, I can help!


Social Media Goddess

I’m here to the rescue!

Need help with your Social Media Platform Presence and/or reasons below:



Why you need a social media director




  • increase traffic



  • get the word out



  • Need more people buying your product





Here’s the rundown on what I will do:


  • teach you tools and advise you on which ones to purchase



  • what an everyday would look like for you to bring in more of an audience/people/traffic- if you don’t want to do it, I can manage it on a daily basis, This is what I do on a daily basis!



  • locate your best audience



  • what I use and if this fits your style, audience, product, business



  • what I’ve read and learned about social media/ websites/ technology/ google/ and best      practices




Of course I’d add the technological terms what a “basic” social media is supposed to do (description below):

  • Copywriting



  • Design



  • Photography



  • Videography



  • Creativity



  • Positioning



  • Timing



  • Analytics



And this all goes into a big sandwich of Content Creation!



If you’re up for meeting up, discussing ideas, plans, and to create unique ways to collaborate to engage audiences via social media email me.




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